Casamoazzo Suites and Apartments is located in Rethymno, the third largest town in Crete lying at the north coast of the island, between Heraklion and Chania. It is surely one of the most beautiful towns in Greece displaying a unique cultural blend of Venetian, Ottoman and Cretan history.

The hotel lies only 200 meters from the long organized ,sandy beach and only a few moments from all the restaurants, shops and cafes. Casamoazzo is an ideal base from which to explore big part of Western and Eastern Crete. It is 65km from Chania airport and 85 km from Heraklio airport. In order to reach Casamoazzo Suites and Apartments from Heraklion or Chania airport , you must follow the route to Rethymno, driving along the National road.

As soon as you arrive to Rethymno , there are many parking lots to park your car. Casamoazzo is located in the old town of Rethymno , therefore parking is not permitted. The nearest parking lot to the hotel, is the one next to the Public Garden ( Koundourioti Street) . There are more parking lots all around the town. All of them are within walking distance from our doorstep. If you have any difficulty to  approach   the hotel, feel free to contact us to help you 00306944907052.


Cretan dances express the rich inside the world of the people. By singing and dancing people get ready for battles, fall in love, express their enthusiasm, joy and sadness. While Cretan dances are danced in the whole island and they have their roots in ancient Minoan ceremonies, each dance has something special.

Cretan cuisine

In Rethymno, you’ll enjoy culinary treats inspired by Crete’s flavourful cuisine and traditions. Restaurants in Venetian buildings with beautiful gardens, rakadika where you’ll complement meze with the local schnapps-like drink raki, and quaint little tavernas. Rest assured that all Cretan dishes are prepared using fresh, local produce.

The Fortezza sits atop Rethymno’s magical old town like a crown...

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